Medical device: Domestic surpasses imported device, these four areas have show!

  • 2017-10-12

Medical device: It is promising for rapid growth and the import is likely to be substituted. From an industry perspective, the China’s medical device market has been the world’s second largest, with scale of over CNY 300 billion.

Policies support, with continuous bonus. The precondition of import substitution is the technical breakthrough of domestic equipment, and the core catalysis is the policies supporting in all aspects. In recent years, through the policies of encouraging innovation, accelerating evaluation, medical anti-corruption and supporting domestic equipment procurement and use, the innovative manufacturing level of domestic brands has been improved, and the domestic equipment gains admission opportunity by pattern remodeling, the high cost-effective domestic devices meet the spring of development.

Import substitution opportunity by “space + technique + mode” dimensions

 IVD: Chemiluminescence is most worthy of import substitution. The sensitivity and degree of automation of chemiluminescence is higher, and it is obviously a substitute of ELISA.

Medical image: DR (digital x-ray) meets a new development opportunity. The domestic medical image market has been monopolized by the foreign-funded enterprises, the “GPS” share in domestic CT, MRI and ultrasound are 83.3%, 85.7% and 69.4% respectively.

Cardiovascular and surgical instruments: Pacemaker and endoscope stapler import substitution imminent. The pacemaker implantation per million people in China is less than 5% of the developed countries, and the market demands fail to be met due to the price and affordability. At present, the domestic double-chamber pacemaker manufactured by Lepu Medical is put into the market, the pacemaker jointly manufactured by MicroPort and Sorin is approved, the product jointly manufactured by Lifetech and Medtronic is going to be launched, thus the domestic pacemaker industry is expected to copy the import substitution road of coronary stent.

Hemodialysis: The next blue ocean for chronic diseases, the deployment of chain hemodialysis center is accelerated. There are about 2 million patients with end-stage renal disease, while the hemodialysis penetration is 15% only, with the advance of medical insurance for serious illness and the acceleration of construction of hemodialysis center, the hundred billion market demands is expected to be met.