The 2016 Acceptance Data of CFDA Administrative Acceptance Hall

  • 2017-06-21

The CFDA Administrative Acceptance Hall Is Highly Praised by the Administrative Licensing Standardization Evaluation Team of Approval Reform Office of the State Council

On June 13, the Administrative Licensing Standardization Evaluation Team of Approval Reform Office of the State Council performed a field evaluation to the CFDA Administrative Acceptance Hall (hereinafter referred to as “the Hall”) on the administrative licensing standardization. The Evaluation Team conducted field verification to over 20 administrative licensing standardization evaluation indicators associated with the Hall and asked for the information about the operation of the Hall and the feeling of administrative counterpart. The Team spoke highly of the standardization management, information publication, consultation service, service guide, personnel management, service facility of the Hall and highly appreciated the online appointment, innovative reform measures and work highlights.

To implement the requirements of the Circular of the State Council Approval Reform Office on Administrative Licensing Standardization Evaluation (SGBF [2017] No. 2), the Hall has conducted self-evaluation as per the Standardization Guide for Administrative Licensing (2016) and sorted relevant works: the first is establishing a new standardization administrative acceptance service hall. According to statistics, since operation, the new hall has received 49,000 visits. By the end of 2016, the new hall has handled 48,415 applications, increased by 5% compared with 2015, and 38,965 administrative licensing acceptance cases, increased by 9% compared with 2015. The receiving rate at the day of application reached 100%, with 100% transaction rate within specified time limit and 99.9% satisfaction rate of counterpart. Many applicants said, “the new hall is large and bright, and it is equipped with advanced and functional equipment and considerable services”, “the acceptance work is more effective than before, complementary certification becomes less, when we ask we get professional answers and the waiting time is half shorter than before”. The warm and professional services gain many praises from the applicants. The second is focusing on internet+ government affairs. Develop an online appointment system. Drive the integrated development of government affairs hall entity and online service platform. After the appointment system is put into trial operation, the pressure of ticket queue in the hall has been relieved, facilitating some people and improving the service quality of the counterpart. Revise and upgrade the sub-site of administrative acceptance service of the CFDA web portal to integrate the business system for online and offline functions complementation and strengthen the organic linking of administrative acceptance hall and website service and release the administrative licensing information in time. The third is focusing on standardization service. Establish 10 systems, formulate and update 24 service guides, with continuous optimization of online, telephone, field and letter consultation services. The fourth is focusing on supervision assessment. Formulate management method for staff service quality evaluation; enhance the supervision and evaluation to windows, collect the satisfaction evaluation of each administrative counterpart in real time and notify monthly; carry out questionnaire to get insight into the demand of administrative counterpart.