Haier Biomedical Leads a New Green Laboratory Age

  • 2017-05-28

On May 15, 2017, the 77th CMEF Spring 2017 was held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. Haier Biomedical exhibited its energy-saving, environmental-protection and safe green laboratory solution in the CMEF, leading the development of medical and life science industries.

Green laboratory is imperative

The scientific research level is critical to the increase of comprehensive strength of medical and scientific research institutions; the stress on scientific research outputs requires more to the laboratory capacity building. The construction of new generation of green laboratory is significant and imperative for avoiding laboratory potential safety hazard, protecting laboratory findings, improving scientific research outputs.

-86℃ ultra-low temperature inverter refrigerator, intelligent inverter + hydrocarbon refrigeration, dual energy saving “invert” what you think.

Laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator eliminates the potential hazard and intelligently ensure the safety.

Zhiyun Pharmacy Refrigerator, TüV-certified 3D micro-control with zero temperature fluctuation.

With continuous innovation and global resources integration, Haier Biomedical launches plasma instant freezer, medical heating box, laboratory refrigerator, low-temperature operation console, etc., expanding in multiple dimensions on products and protocol to lead to a new green laboratory age.

Haier Biomedical, Chinese brand with world’s praise.

On May 2, 2017, the State Council replied the Request for Setting up “Chinese Brand Day” submitted by NDRC, setting May 10 as “Chinese Brand Day” from 2017. As the leading national brand, Haier Biomedical has been insisting on independent innovation for 10 years. The Haier aerospace refrigerators have served 4 times for China’s space science research in the outer space; ultra-low temperature refrigerators have served for “Xue Long”, “Jiao Long”, “Rainbow Fish” to facilitate the Chinese deep sea science and submarine resource exploration.

Recently, Haier is planning to build the Biomedical New Industry Park. It will focus on biomedical intelligent manufacturing, integrating first-class resources of life science and translational medicine, constructing an ecosystem covering upstream, midstream and downstream industry chains of life science, providing one-stop solution to the life science users so as to realize the further expansion of Haier in such field.